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Our History

The year was 1946. A movie cost about 50¢. The bikini made its debut. The first computer was invented. World War II had just ended. Life was good. Three of our boys coming back from the war, Roy Weber and the Ghio brothers, Anthony and Tod, couldn’t wait to get home and help Catherine “Mama” Ghio fulfill her lifelong dream: to open a seafood restaurant on San Diego’s growing waterfront.

For generations, Mama’s family had harvested the seas off Italy and then California. To the delight of family and friends, Mama perfected the Old World recipes that had been passed down to her and developed new ones. Her dishes grew in popularity and friends encouraged her to realize her dream. On July 18, 1946, Catherine, sons Tod and Anthony, and son-in-law Roy opened the doors of an 18-seat diner, our first Anthony’s Fish Grotto.

Sixty seven years later, Mama’s original recipes and her batters, sauces, and dressings are still the cornerstones of our menu. Anthony’s now serves more than one million customers and five million pounds of seafood each year. Mama’s legacy of quality and her family atmosphere have not changed. The name Anthony’s is still known around the world for its fresh seafood, home-style service and dining value.

Mama Ghio’s rich tradition lives on in the third generation. Mama’s grandchildren Beverly Mascari and Craig Ghio now run the family’s restaurant enterprise. As we continue to reach new guests, we will always stress the value of the original recipes, quality seafood, and our excellent service. Thanks for joining us!

mama-ghio.jpgMama Ghio

Without Mama Ghio, there wouldn't be an Anthony's. Her loving guidance, her wise advice, and her dedication to excellence have been an inspiration – one that has helped to make our name synonymous with the finest, freshest seafood.

Thank you Mama Ghio.

Anthony's Fishette on San Diego Bay

Anthony's Founders from left to right:
Anthony Ghio, Tod Ghio, Catherine "Mama" Ghio, and Roy Weber

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